In the blink of an eye

AKILLA®: 'In the blink of an eye' - your passport to survival'

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This book aims to help fill the knowledge gap by telling the "must knows" about drowsy driving:

1. What the causes of drowsy driving are - when, where and why you are most "at risk" to drowsy driving such as afternoon driving or after a plane flight or after fast foods or while on medication;

2. What the best ways are for you to avoid drowsy driving - the steps to minimise your risk of being a drowsy driver;

3. If you do feel drowsy, what you must do to stay alive - and this is the simple bit - you must stop as soon as possible and take a 15 minute "power nap".

This book also dispels some drowsy driving myths. It tells you what things won't revive you when you are feeling drowsy.

A compact, easily understood book that presents clear educational messages that everyone should be aware of before driving.

This passport sized book readily fits into your pocket, handbag or glove-box.

Format: Paperback, 52 pages

Condition: New

Author: Martin S. Jenkins
B.E. (Civil), Dip.Bus. Studies (Finance)

Publisher: New Zealand Sleep Safety Ltd

Release date: September 2006

ISBN: ISBN-10:0-473-11401-1

Dimensions: Passport size
12.7 cm (W) * 17.8 cm (H)

Country of Publication: New Zealand